About Us

Kolisetu website is an effort by the team of  Koli samaj to connect koli samaj for economic and social development. This platform will enable the members to seek and offer help to other members of koli community across India. This platform will allow the business community of Koli samaj to expand their activities in other cities and states by connecting with local members of our koli samaj. 

 Vision: "Ek j Hetu Koli-Setu" Our vision to build this website is to create a common platform for Koli samaj to develop socially and economically with stronger communication within our community. We aim to create this website a single window of all kind of help for koli community across India. 

Further koli setu, since it's inception believe that connecting community youth through technology and useful information strengthen the society and creates the atmosphere of helping each other. For example by just providing information about free coaching academy many youths have contacted Kolisetu website  to get more details, not also that the initiative has also motivated many teachers to starts such academy for community accross the Gujarat. 

we at Kolisetu wish to provide such useful informations to the community site that in the era of technology everyone have equal chance to live the life they wish to live. 


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